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The FractalArt program is the easiest way to create Abstract Art.

No Programming Required: Other Fractal Art programs require that you have programming experience. The FractalArt program is run entirely from dropdown boxes. Easy To Learn: The Help File includes a Quick Tour, which exemplifies the main concepts of the program in about 10 minutes. Fast Execution: Other programs make you wait minutes (and sometimes hours) for tasks to be completed. The FractalArt program completes all processes in less than 2 seconds.
Image Export: Images may be Exported to the following image file types: Png (.png), Jpg (.jpg), Gif (.gif), Bmp (.bmp), and Tiff (.tiff). Parameters may be 'Random': Imagine an image containing 10,000 lines that each start and end on a random point, and where each line has a random color. Morphing is the process of changing smoothly from one image to another by small gradual steps. Images can gradually change from the Start parameters, to the End parameters.
Show Export Image: The image can be displayed using the selected Export Size. For example, if you want to export an image that is 1 inch by 1 inch, you can see how that image would differ from a larger image. Save and Open Parameter Files: To share your images with other users, you can provide the parameters (as a text file), that can re-produce the image. Transparent Backgrounds: You can create a .png file with a transparent background, so you can use Photoshop to add any image or gradient as the background color.

Images created by the FractalArt program: